Coming Home Cares- Care to Learn

Why we got involved?

This morning was like any other for my family. We woke up in our warm home, gave our little girl her sippy cup of almond milk and breakfast, dressed her in her comfortable, clean clothes and drove her to enjoy a day of learning at Woolsey Academy for Young Learners. Her shoes fit just right and they make it easy for her explore the playground with still unsteady steps. She had a nice warm bubble bath last night, and is ready to get dirty all over again in the puddles. It’s a great new day, and it’s our norm. We complain about small inconveniences like having to spend money on an unexpected car repair, or missing out on a listing. It’s always important though, to stop and consider how very fortunate we are that those small inconveniences, are just that…. insignificant bumps in the road.

Ryan and Kinsey Rhudy are a husband and wife real estate team in Willard, Missouri. They live and work in the community and look forward to raising their little girl here.

Early last fall the Willard Chapter of Care to Learn visited our monthly Willard Area Chamber of Commerce meeting. I had one of those same normal, but great mornings. The meeting was business as usual, and then the wonderful school social workers, who make Care to Learn a reality in our school district, stood to speak. They explained this cause so near to their hearts, and revealed that there are many students in our schools that hide the fact that their morning wasn’t normal, and was far from great. They didn’t eat breakfast, and often hadn’t had dinner the night before. They didn’t wake up in a warm home, and may not have even slept in a bed. They are worried about not having clean clothes to wear, or clothes that fit properly. They are anxious about not having personal hygiene products that help them feel good about themselves and that are necessities. Somehow,with all odds stacked against them, these students find their way to school each morning and set out on journey to learn.

Care to Learn is a program that aims to provide these often taken for granted necessities, to the children and teens that need them. It can be as simple as a warm meal or a new pair of sneakers that fit… hopefully making their day, and the learning process, a little easier!

How we got involved?

Since learning about this wonderful cause, Ryan and I have pledged to donate 5% of our commissions on listings in the Willard and Ash Grove School Districts to these chapters. We love our communities and hope we can make some small difference. Please take some time to learn more about this important organization and donate if you can!