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Each month we will be highlighting the organizations that our agents and employees support and are wholeheartedly passionate about. Today Kimberly Kuhn shares about the great work happening at Freeway Ministries in Springfield, MO.


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Kimberly Kuhn is a REALTOR® at Coming Home Real Estate and Willard, Missouri resident. She is a member of Crossway Baptist Church in Springfield and volunteer at Freeway Ministries.

Freeway Ministries is a life-changing gospel centered outreach for all walks of life.  Freeway was first started by a few men who had a heart for the homeless, addicts and the forgotten in our society.  With an ex-convict and former drug dealer as a preacher, the ministry is designed to reach the unchurched population with the gospel of Christ.  Freeway introduces the gospel and a new believer finds freedom from their past and becomes a new creation in Christ. Freeway believes discipleship is the next step to teach new believers how to stay off the streets, out of addiction, and become productive members of society.  





Attending and volunteering at Freeway I’ve seen first hand, Christ’s love is inclusive; no one is excluded.  I’ve gotten to witness dramatic transformations in people’s lives.  Unbelievable stories of where my friends have come from to where they are now, is a testament to the life changing love found only in Christ. Initially, I started attending Freeway to merely support the ministry and those who were pouring their lives into it.  I didn’t necessarily know I had a purpose there.  As someone who has grown up in church and never dealt with addiction issues, I didn’t feel I needed to be there for myself.  However, as I sat at a Freeway service listening to the message, it was brought to my attention that God uses people to show His love.   How is that struggling young woman who has grown up in a family of abuse from the ones she is supposed to trust going to understand God’s love?  She does not have a clear picture of love, especially not love without conditions. My job is to use my mouth, my heart, my hands, and my feet to let God’s love flow from me.   

I John 4:12 No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.

I encourage you to come see what Freeway is all about.  Stop by 739 W Talmage Street, Springfield, Mo., on any given Saturday night.  There is a clothing bank, a free meal served at 5:30 and the message starts at 6:00.  Free childcare is also provided. Visit their site for more information: